Everyone in this country should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think.

-Steve Jobs

The technology industry is not accessible to all students. Only one in ten schools in the United States offer computer science classes. At the same time, The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the technology sector will grow another 22 percent by 2020, making it one of the fastest growing career fields.

How Coder Squad Helps

The Coder Squad teaches FREE computer programming courses to the elementary & middle school students. By learning to code, students are empowered to be the creators of technology. Imaginative lesson plans designed to improve help create the kinds of transformations that change lives. The Coder Squad educates students from various backgrounds, giving them basic knowledge of computer science, encouraging them to pursue a STEM major, and inspiring the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

Our Team

Aarav Sharma

Social Entrepreneur and Founder

Aarav Sharma, Sophomore at Archbishop Mitty High School, is a young Social Entrepreneur who teaches kids of all backgrounds coding for social causes. Aarav founded his non-profit organization, The Coder Squad in 2019 and strongly believes in learning Coding at an early age. He has learnt many computer programming languages like Python, Scratch, C, HTML, Java, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and explored Machine Learning algorithms like Linear Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest and learned Python libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, SciKit Learn, and Matplotlib, Seaborn. He's currently learning Java Data Structure. Aarav loves to help others and wants to give back to the community by teaching coding to those who cannot afford to learn to code. Aarav has taught Scratch, Python and Artificial Intelligence in Local library, Special needs children and underprivileged kids Internationally. Aarav has received prestigious awards like Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) and The St. Francis of Assisi Service Award for his social services. He has been recognized in several publications for the positive impact he has made in the community. His interest and passion for computer programming emerged at a young age and he wants to become a Computer Science Engineer and run his IT Startup in future.

Our Story

After realizing the lack of resources to educate students from low-income backgrounds about computer science and seeing the inequality in the field of CS, we decided to start The Coder Squad. Our community has given us huge amount of opportunities and now its our responsibility to give it back to the community and help kids who could not learn technology due to lack of opportunity. Back in 2018, Aarav, CEO was volunteering to teach a young underprivileged boy to learn to code. After realizing his struggle to understand a simple programming language of scratch, I thought there might be millions of low-income background kids who are not getting privilege to learn this awesome technology. That was the lightbulb moment when Aarav realized that he needs to teach kids how to code. And thus, the idea behind The Coder Squad mentoring philosophy was born.

Our Mission

The Coder Squad is a non­profit organization, located in Fremont, Bay Area, California committed to exposing kids from ALL backgrounds, especially those that are underprivileged, to computer science at an early age.

Our Vision

The Coder Squad envisions a future where all background young students, develop creative skills through access to innovative computer science education.